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Tanya Alexander and Julie Samus approached Daily Press with a concept. Children growing up in recent years are always on their devices, sometimes neglecting their studies in the process. Screen Time is a worry for many parents across Australia, including Tanya and Julie themselves.

They saw an opportunity to create a game that would be equal parts fun and educational. They came to Daily Press hoping to bring their vision to life. After a few years of intense development, a market-ready game was completed and ready to launch.

The game has seen huge success since it launched earlier this year. It has been praised by many well-known Australians including Phil Gould, Mark Geyer and Andrew Voss. It gained so much traction, it even made an appearance on the Today Show.

Featured on Today Show

World Wise App is not only educational but also a competitive game that is exciting to play as students explore countries,
cities and famous landmarks as they race around the world.

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