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If your Google Ads account is currently linked to Google Analytics through a Universal Analytics property. Universal Analytics standard properties will stop processing data from July 1, 2023 onwards. Google Analytics 4 (GA4), our next-generation measurement solution, will become the sole Google Analytics standard property type.

This impacts Universal Analytics conversions, audiences, and site stats currently used in your Google Ads campaigns; all Universal Analytics data will drop to zero after July 1. We recommend that you switch to GA4 now to ensure your campaigns and ad groups are effectively moved to GA4 conversions, site stats, and audiences. If you’re unsure whether a GA4 property has been created, please contact the admin user for your Universal Analytics property in Google Analytics to verify.the


Starting in April 2023, our Setup Assistant will set up a basic GA4 property for any advertiser who still depends on Universal Analytics conversions and/or audiences. As a part of this, we will configure certain corresponding conversions and/or audiences in GA4 and apply them in your Google Ads account. You may opt-out of this behavior within 30 days of receiving this email. It’s important to note that this configuration may not be set up to meet your specific business goals, and may not capture all the historical data you need. Because not all conversion and audience types will be automatically configured, we recommend you start manually moving your conversions and/or audiences to GA4 now.