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Introducing Our Innovative Portable LED Screens in Collaboration with Sharp

Daily Press has released their latest offering in conjunction with Sharp – The Portable LED Screen.

Tired of constantly having to pay for new pull-up banners? No doubt your warehouse is now jam-packed with outdated, bulky, and expensive pull-up banners you’re never going to use again.

With our new Portable LED Screens, updating content takes two seconds, and it will run for exactly how long you want it to. You can run videos, animations, and still images – whatever you want!

Really wanna wow your clientele with the latest promo? No worries – get it animated and really drive that engagement.

Is your bistro always changing prices or offerings? Not a problem – upload new artwork via your phone or desktop in less than a minute.

And not only are these bad boys made here in Australia, but they’re modular – meaning you can combine multiple screens to create brand new-sized screens for any occasion.

These Portable LED Screens are the ultimate in versatility!